Big Spring Creek originates seven miles southeast of Lewistown where it bubbles out of the ground from one of the world’s largest freshwater springs. Historically known as a sacred site to Native American tribes, and later recorded as a valued resource for Lewistown’s early settlers, Big Spring Creek remains one of Lewistown’s best kept secrets.

For as long as one can remember, Big Spring and Big Spring Creek have been the source of many new beginnings. From the emergence of Big Spring, sourced from the Madison-Limestone aquifer, to the meandering waterways of Big Spring Creek, the mineral waters provide irrigation and sustenance to the nearby ranch’s new spring crops and newborn animals.

The spring and creek also support Big Spring Trout Hatchery, which produces thousands of brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout each year. These new fish are distributed throughout Montana, replenishing other waterways around the state.

From its origin near the state fish hatchery, the creek runs almost thirty miles before joining the Judith River, a main tributary of the Missouri River. Big Spring Creek is a stream of extraordinary beauty and is a superb fishery, known for its year-round, blue-ribbon fly-fishing.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks maintains six seasonal public fishing access sites along Big Spring Creek. Lewistown is one of the few towns of its size where you can often catch rainbow and brown trout from within the city limits.

Swimming, tubing and kayaking are among the many popular recreational activities available along the creek, especially during the hot, summer months. The 25-mile City trail system meanders along the creek for many miles, providing scenic exercise and wildlife-viewing opportunities.

Aside from the world class fly-fishing and recreational opportunities, Big Spring Creek is the main water source for the City of Lewistown, providing crystal clear, mineral-rich water to its 6,000+ city residents.

Big Spring and Big Spring Creek, with their pure waters, scenic beauty and quietly meandering byways are valuable resources upon which Lewistown and surrounding communities depend. They are truly representative of new beginnings each year and are most certainly Lewistown’s sparkling treasure.

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