Homeownership is one of life’s great adventures. From buying and selling to maintenance and renovation, every facet is exciting—though not always in a good way. Thankfully, for residents of the Great Falls area, the Home Builders Association is there to advocate for local homeowners and home builders, all the while educating the public on the many challenges that come with owning a home.

“Our mission is to keep housing affordable,” says Katie Hanning, Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of Great Falls (HBAGF). “Every day, we work with our national leaders to bring down material costs and delays.”

HBAGF works to find balance between home builders, homeowners, and government agencies. Other cities throughout the Treasure State have their own Home Builders Association to advocate locally, and there are also state representatives at the Capitol and national representatives in D.C. that provide a voice for Montana home builders and homeowners.

“Our industry is a vital part of keeping our community moving forward,” says Hanning.

While it’s important for members of HBAGF to have representation at all levels of government, this is just one obstacle in making homeownership affordable to consumers. Education is equally important.

HBAGF preaches the importance of do-it- yourself upkeep, and its list of members/ industry professionals is invaluable to home owners faced with major maintenance issues or repairs that they can’t handle themselves.

“They are proud, family-owned businesses that truly value our community,” says Hanning.

Every member of this non-profit has a vested interest in the home building industry. Every member depends on local consumers to buy, maintain, and/or develop property. Every member believes in HBAGF’s mission of helping Montanans achieve the American Dream.

Home ownership is a journey, and thanks to HBAGF, it’s one you don’t have to navigate alone.

Home Builders Association of Great Falls is located at 327 2nd Street South. For more information, visit hbagf.org or call (406) 452-4663.

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