Middle Schools Fishing Clubs

North Middle School, East Middle School, and the Sun River Valley Middle School have clubs open to all children in the area. The Great Falls Chapter sponsors the clubs, as do many local businesses, through cash donations and active mentoring by Walleyes Unlimited members. The motto of the Middle School Fishing Clubs is “Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs” and there are over 150 active members. The clubs are continually growing through increased membership. Throughout the year, many Walleyes Unlimited members help the clubs on their monthly fishing trips, hold seminars and answer questions pertaining to fishing and conservation. The Great Falls Chapter involves the fishing clubs in as many Walleyes Unlimited projects as possible in order to teach by example.

Christmas Tree Project

Each year, the Great Falls Chapter participates in the placement of Christmas trees in Tiber Reservoir. The City of Great Falls has Waste Management strategically position refuse dumpsters throughout the city as collection points for folks to take their used Christmas trees, which are then taken to the landfill. Walleyes Unlimited members then load the trees for transport to Tiber Reservoir, where they are bundled together, weighted, and strategically positioned via 4-wheelers on the ice. This program, which is managed by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department, is an effort to improve the spawning habitat for perch and is very dependent upon the volunteers from

Past/Future Projects

In past years, the chapter has installed boat docks at Bynum, Lake Francis, and Tiber Reservoir, and put in a boat launch at Carter on the Missouri River. The Great Falls Chapter has also completed the installation of the handicap fishing dock at Wadsworth Park. They purchased a new dock to be placed at the east end of Lake Francis. As a club, they are continually looking for new projects to support financially and with member volunteer hours that will result in improved fishing programs dealing with habitat, education, and conservation. The Great Falls Chapter is currently working with Fish, Wildlife and Parks in the purchase of Bailey’s Reservoir west of Box Elder. Hopefully when achieved, the reservoir will be a state fishing access and the Great Falls Chapter and the Fresno Chapter will help in maintaining docks and the campgrounds for public use.Walleyes Unlimited.


The founders of Walleyes Unlimited had great insight into the ever-changing future of fishing. As a non-profit organization, Walleyes Unlimited is committed to carrying out not only their objectives, but also supporting local community objectives dealing with conservation through education of our youth. The organization is very active in the local area and will continue to be so. The programs that the Great Falls Chapter has completed and the ones that are ongoing are a tribute to the people of Great Falls and the surrounding area that support them in the accomplishment of their goals.

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