By Amy Pearson

The new Gibson Hotel on the corner of 7th Street and Central Ave has been a long time coming. In the fall of 2019, owner Ty Rollins says he was looking for a uniquely shaped hotel in Great Falls to invest in. He wanted to be able to somewhat replicate the success he originally found creating an open, homey atmosphere at his Comfort Inn and Suites in McMinnville, Oregon.

“We want the guests to feel like they are coming home,” says Rollins’ father- in-law Dirk Parker.

After five years in the making, due largely to Covid interference, The Gibson Hotel held their Grand Opening on Saturday, June 24 to a packed crowd. Their forty-four rooms complete with forty king beds and four queens were open for viewing. A few towers of gorgeous macarons, beer and wine were served as refreshments. Gold and black balloons dotted the entryway. And local Jolene Schalper entertained guests with her guitar and singing.

“To say that I’m excited is an understatement,” says Rollins. “After all this time, it is even better than I imagined.”

The Gibson Hotel feels chic with gray and black undertones. At the same time, wood features, bright art décor and lighting create an overall sense of warmth. Windows line the hallway corridors and the entryway, which generates an impression of spaciousness and luxury. Fireplaces dot unsuspecting corners. On the third floor, there are suites with couches and work areas in them. The appealing lounge located just outside the suite area includes additional cozy seating and even a table built by Rollins himself.

“There were some cedar trees sitting in my garage that I’d felled on my property in Oregon,” Rollins says. “My wife kept asking what we were going to do with them, and actually it was Allison [their interior designer] who suggested that I make some tables.”

The other table found its home on the ground floor near the front desk.

“It’s the details that really make a difference,” Allison says. “When I got to Great Falls, I just started taking photographs of the area. We wanted to try to capture the spirit of the community and make it part of
this place.”

Some of Allison’s compelling design work include colorful glass maps of town with black stenciling, uniquely textured circular light fixtures, a serene wall painting of waterfalls, and framed photographs of some of Great Falls’ early history scattered throughout the building. In the future, expect to find QR When asked about his favorite aspect of the business, Rollins says, “I love getting to know people. But what’s more, you fall in love with the employees whether they are a single mom or a college kid working their way through to the next opportunity. It’s all about the people.”

With even free laundry machines replete with soap, this Boutique Hotel should cater to those who wish to be pampered with all the amenities of home while traveling.

The Gibson Hotel is located at 621 Central Ave in downtown Great Falls.

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