5 Floors, 125 Years

By Brad Reynolds

Ferrin’s Furniture is not your typical furniture store. That’s apparent from the street. The old brick and terra cotta building looms over the sidewalk with a projecting cornice, elaborate arches, and the distinct atmosphere of a time gone by. The storefront awning proudly proclaims “Since 1899.”

It was that year that John J. Ferrin founded Ferrin’s Furniture in Red Wing, Minnesota. His son, Frank, joined the business in 1906 and the business expanded into two additional buildings. Ferrin’s Furniture grew yet again in the 1950s, after Frank’s sons, Joe and Frank Jr., joined the family business, and in the 1980s, Frank Jr.’s children, Bill, Anne, and John became the fourth generation to run Ferrin’s Furniture.
Then came what was, perhaps, the greatest expansion in the history of the business; in 1997, Bill Ferrin brought Ferrin’s Furniture to Great Falls, Montana. With his wife, Sue, he ran the family-owned, independent furniture store for nearly twenty years.

In 2016, his sons, Andy and TJ took over operation of the now 125 year- old business.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career laid out in front of me if I wanted it,” says TJ.

Bill never forced the business on his kids (it wouldn’t be the first time a family member chose a different career path) but he’s proud to see them carry on the family legacy of their own volition.

“To be the fifth generation running a business is very uncommon,” says Andy. “We’ve had to work hard to run this business. It wasn’t just handed to us. It’s an honor to keep the tradition going.”

The brothers have spent a lifetime working together, so they’re well- practiced as partners and well-versed in the multitude of products they have to offer – not to mention all the custom options available.
“About 80% of our business is special orders,” says Andy. “The average ticket is over one thousand dollars, so we want to make sure that the customer gets a quality product that they love.”

Because Ferrin’s Furniture carries higher end merchandise, people sometimes assume that it’s too expensive. This is a perception that many local businesses have to fight. While big box stores may be able to offer lower prices, the quality is often just as low. In contrast, merchandise at Ferrin’s Furniture is built to last and competitively priced. Ferrin’s also offers that personal touch that’s hard to find outside of a local business.

“Most customers are appreciative of our free local delivery, and we can help move their current furniture to the garage or wherever,” says TJ.

Although the Ferrins specialize in custom orders, they do sell in-stock items off the sales floor and will help load your vehicle. That may not strike you as an astounding service – that is, until you realize that the century-old building has no elevator.

It’s a labor of love operating a furniture business in such a historic building, but the Ferrins wouldn’t have it any other way.

And Great Falls is the better for it.

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First Floor: Contemporary Furniture and Décor
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