Rodeo Heritage Meets Native Pride

Rodeo is an empowering sport. It emboldens communities. It forges friendships. It brings honor to every athlete that rides into the arena. The sport’s overwhelming positivity is unlike any other, [...]

Revitalizing the Judith Basin Fairgrounds

Since 1964, the CMR Stampede has been one of the greatest boons to tourism in Judith Basin County, making the Judith Basin Fairgrounds—the county’s only venue—one of its greatest assets. Every [...]

Montie Montana & the Wild Horse Stampede

Wolf Point’s Wild Horse Stampede has had its fair share of memories over the course of 100 years, but few can top the time hometown hero Montie Montana returned for the 54th Annual Stampede in [...]

The Wolf Point Stampede:

100 Years A-Runnin’ Wolf Point has always embodied the untamed and free-spirited nature of the West. Its first non-indigenous settlers were fur trappers and traders—and, in fact, it is believed [...]

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

Author Unknown In a small cottage, on the borders of a forest, lived a poor couple with a son named Valentine and a daughter named Mary. One winter evening, there was a gentle tap at the family’s [...]