Since 1964, the CMR Stampede has been one of the greatest boons to tourism in Judith Basin County, making the Judith Basin Fairgrounds—the county’s only venue—one of its greatest assets. Every year, on the third weekend of July, folks stampede into Stanford for two days of Western family fun, including a Quick Finish Art Auction, Stick Horse Rodeo, Mutton Bustin’, Street Dance, Western BBQ, and of course, the C.M. Russell Stampede PRCA Rodeo.

This event, and others like it, are the life of Judith Basin County.

With this incontrovertible fact in mind, county leaders have taken up the charge to revitalize the fairgrounds for the benefit of Judith Basin communities and their visitors. In 2020, the nonprofit group Stanford Open decided to use the proceeds from their annual golf fundraiser to upgrade the fairgrounds, which have seen little in the way of improvements over the years.

Currently, Stanford Open is taking donations for its revitalization effort. Do your part to preserve the future of Judith Basin County by calling (406) 868-9421.

For more information, follow Stanford Open on Facebook.

Fairgrounds Revitalization Plan

1. Grandstands: New elevated bleachers seating up to 1,000 people under a covered metal structure to provide shade for the spectators. Replace the old wooden bleachers that are a hazard.

2. Crows Nest: The new crows nest will provide a safe place for announcers and sound personnel. The current crows nest is a hazard and should be torn down. The new crow’s nest will also provide seating for spectators off each side of the announcer’s booth for a unique watching experience.

3. Arena:
The arena will be resized for better viewing while still providing all the space needed for different events that will be possible. The upgrade will include new paneling, pens, and chutes. The current paneling, pens and chutes are old and need replaced.

4. Covered Shade Area: A permanent overhead structure will be built in the location where the tent used to be placed. This will eliminate the need to put the tent up multiple times throughout the summer. The area will provide shade for spectators for events held in the arena as well as the 4-H and quickdraw events held by the 4-H pavilions.

5. Bathroom Upgrades: The bathrooms will be upgraded to more acceptable standards to meet peoples’ needs.

6. Lighting and Electrical Upgrades: Lighting around the arena and throughout the fairgrounds will be added to allow for evening and night use. The electricity and lighting throughout the facility currently is inadequate and unsafe.

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