Remembering Charley Pride

Award-Winning Singer. Professional Pitcher. Smelter Man. Serviceman. Montanan. Charley Pride lived a remarkable life. Hailing from Mississippi, Pride got his first taste of life on the road as a [...]

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance

Somewhere along the line, we came to accept this idea that Montana is a battleground—that farmers and ranchers are at war with environmentalists, as though agriculture and environmentalism were [...]

Montana Heritage Center

From the sweeping plains of Sidney to the rugged peaks of Glacier National Park, Montana is celebrated for its dramatic terrain and diverse peoples. Our stories are as complex as our landscape, [...]

Artists of the Contemporary West

Open through May 3, 2021 As the western frontier evaporated into history, its place in shaping a collective American identity was conveyed more through cultural production—television, film, and [...]

MPRCF Rides On

At the start of 2020, the PRCA was slated to hold 39 rodeos in Montana. Then COVID-19 hit, and (for a variety of reasons) that number dropped down to 18. The board of the Montana Pro Rodeo [...]

Treasure State Trivia

Montana’s state flag was originally designed as a flag for the 1st Montana Infantry to fly during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Since the state had no flag at the time, the infantry commander [...]

Powder to the People

Bear Paw Ski Bowl is Montana’s smallest ski hill, but that doesn’t stop visitors from having big fun. Located 29 miles south of Havre, the hill sports 25 named runs, with adult lift tickets going [...]

Helena Civic Center Centennial

Helena’s Civic Center is one of the more distinguishable structures along the city’s skyline. The building itself rises six stories high, but what truly sets it apart is its minaret—a seventeen [...]