Open through May 3, 2021

As the western frontier evaporated into history, its place in shaping a collective American identity was conveyed more through cultural production—television, film, and novels— than through lived experience of the open range or oralstorytelling. Yet the artist’s impression remains as vibrant and as relevant an index of today’s west as ever before.

Working in the modern era, these artists have absorbed the imagery of their adopted and ancestral lands and transcribed it through a variety of artistic styles—from traditional realism to impressionism to that laced with personal expression. Uniting each is an underlying attachment to the familiar or nostalgia for the past, as a heightened sense of loss—be it species, community, habitat, or continuity—is resolved through a visual language of responsibility—to preserve and share the graphic west for those here and now.

Other Upcoming Exhibitions at the C.M. Russell Museum

Through the Lens of Joseph Henry Sharp
Open through May 3, 2021

Expressionism in the West: Julius Seyler and Glacier National Park
Open through May 3, 2021

Forever Glacier
Open through May 3, 2021

Firearms, Technology, and the American West
New Permanent Exhibition

The Russell

The C.M. Russell Museum is accepting submissions through February 1, 2021 from all artists and collectors for The Russell 2021 auction events (August 20-21, 2021). For more information, visit

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