Are you bored with images of purple moose, green elk, and blue grizzly bears? Would you care if you never saw another painting of a weary cowboy riding his horse into the sunset or if you couldn’t find another picture of those same old tepees?

If so, you will love how the accuracy of our renditions emphasize the magnificence of the Creator and the beauty of His creations. That is the goal of the “Wild Bunch” artists. We admit it’s a tough act to follow but this journey toward reaching the height of our potential is an exciting adventure and well worth the effort.

Our show is never boring! You will be amazed at the paintings depicting fur and feathers. You may wonder if the painted surface is as soft as it appears to be. The wooden birds look as if they could fly and the carved animals could run. You’ll see life-sized wildlife captured in bronze along with the people and animals that make up the history of our American West. As you view these paintings and sculptures depicting our past, you will be reminded of many of your own family’s treasured memories. Our group of artists dares to pursue cutting edge creativity resulting in unique and refreshing subject matter and mediums. Some of our most popular images are ultra-realistic paintings on rocks, as well as wood, agate slabs, leaves, and feathers. We have exciting scratchboards with a twist and the most fabulous pottery art you’ve ever seen. Do you know what fused glass art is? You can see and learn all about it at our show. Plus we feature gorgeous, beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

You will find all of this wonderful variety, as well as traditional artwork, in a spacious gallery type setting. We are looking forward to visiting with you and showing you our latest creations. Remember, we are experts at having fun and making folks feel right at home. Initially love of art brought us together, but the fun and fellowship of our event continues to draw us back. Join us for the art show you will never want to miss. You’ll be so glad you did.

Forming the “Wild Bunch”

By A. Nadine Pickthorn

Back in the early 1980s, I was looking for a way to generate additional income to help support our family farming operation. I decided to try my hand at painting wildlife. My success, in large part, was due to the support I received from my buyers in Glasgow and the surrounding communities. As a much younger, beginning artist, I needed the encouragement that came with those sales to pursue my artwork.

After thirty-two years of farming between Fort Peck and Nashua, we sold our farm and moved to southwestern Montana. The art lovers of the Glasgow area had been consistent in purchasing my work for all those years. I wanted them to know how much that was appreciated. Therefore, I created the “Wild Bunch” Art Show.

For its seventh year running in Great Falls, the “Wild Bunch” Art Show will take place at the Hampton Inn March 16-19 during Western Art Week. Seventeen artists will attend, exhibiting their talents in drawing, painting, carving, and other artistic styles.

The event will begin Wednesday, March 16, with an Opening Reception 5-10pm. All are welcome to attend. Guests are also encouraged to view and purchase artwork Thursday through Saturday from 10am-10pm. Attendance is free.

The “Wild Bunch” is proud to have such a wide array of talents, with many of their artists thinking outside the canvas to bring high quality art to the show. Internationally known sculptor Harvey Rattey passed away in December but his art will continue to be featured in the show. During the past forty years, his love of the cowboy and of wildlife has inspired him to sculpt both subjects with wild & wooly action and empathy. His presence will surely be missed.

Besides offering great art to the public, “Wild Bunch” artists each donate a piece to be auctioned off for charity. All money raised from the auction of donated art will be given to the Great Falls Animal Shelter to help in the funding of their programs.
The “Wild Bunch” artists are proud to give back to the community that supports them by helping this worthy cause.

Nadine Pickthorn is a professional painter, well-known for painting wildlife on rocks, wood, and other unconventional canvas. She has received numerous awards over the years, including People’s Choice Award at the C.M. Russell Art Auction, and was named Artist of the Quarter by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. For more information on her work or about the “Wild Bunch” Art Show, visit or call 406-548-5819.

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