By Hayley Young

When driving through, you do not immediately see the bustling little country town that is Jordan. You must turn off the highway to find the charm that is hidden away. Main Street is sprinkled with little businesses, offering all things one might need, from the three-generation owned grocery store to a coffee shop to a renovated firehouse that now houses a dental office. There are a couple of watering holes, each offering food and local banter, as well as lodging for those looking to stay a bit longer. An hour and a half drive from the nearest Wal-Mart, the community knows how to be self-sufficient.

A quaint little town of three hundred residents, Jordan is the county seat of Garfield County (with approximately 1,200 residents within the entire county). The town has grown from its rural roots, and it is not uncommon to meet a traffic jam of tractors or cattle.

Apart from farming and ranching, this little community is the gateway to premier outdoor recreation—just 26 miles from Hell Creek Recreation Area and numerous other spots that offer access to the ever-beautiful Fort Peck Lake and the terrific fishing that it is known for. Garfield County is settled on thousands of acres of public lands that hunters can access, warranting the hunting trip of a lifetime.

In recent years, Jordan has become a popular destination for dinosaur enthusiasts and has been gifted the name “The T-Rex Capital of the World.” Some of these discoveries and other county history can be found inside the Garfield County Museum.

Jordan might be referred to as a blink-and-you-miss-it town, but next time you are passing through, plan on spending a little time here. You will be glad you spent a few minutes in such a pleasant town with so many little treasures.

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