Lewistown has long been known for its beautiful historic downtown and breath- taking view as you top the hill into the district. With Christmas fast approaching, the variety of diverse shops and eateries are open and filled with Christmas goodies, each with its own special service or product. With several hotels located in the heart of the downtown, we make it easy to visit, stay and shop, all while experiencing downtown Lewistown this holiday season.

Local gathering places are many in downtown Lewistown, making it a perfect spot to slow down, unwind and take time out from the busyness of life. With art and antiques, clothing and gifts, sports and fitness, spas and salons, coffees, candies, and desserts, you’ll find an array of locally owned shops and stores, all providing distinctly different experiences to delight and inspire that special someone on your Christmas list.

Along with the shopping, a wide variety of dining experiences provide plenty of opportunity to relax and meet up with family or friends for a hearty breakfast, quick lunch or quiet dinner. From breweries and steakhouses; burger, breakfast, and sandwich shops; and Chinese, Mexican, and Thai, you’ll be sure to find a spot to enjoy.

There’s no doubt, the small-town Christmas spirit is alive and well in Lewistown’s downtown. As the holidays bring friends and family closer together, be sure to stop in, grab a bite to eat, stay for a night and visit the unique shops. Join us in downtown Lewistown, Montana’s central gathering place and the perfect place for your holiday shopping getaway.

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