The Silos

Townsend’s 42-foot-tall twin red brick silos have been a community landmark for more than a century. Recent efforts have been taken to preserve the historic structures, which serve as a welcome sign for visitors of Canyon Ferry. The nearby Silos Junction Bar & Grill serves as a gathering place for the area.

Goose Bay Handblown Glass

At Goose Bay Handblown Glass, visitors can watch as molten glass becomes beautiful vases, bowls, ornaments, and more. The business opened along Montana Highway 287 in 2002, and its owners have been creating unique, handblown masterpieces ever since.

Canton Church

In 1954, the Canton Church was moved to higher ground from the town of Canton (which is now under Canyon Ferry). It operated as a Catholic mission until the 1980s and was restored by the Townsend community in the late 1990s.

The Canton Church remains the second oldest standing Catholic Church in the state. Many events are held here, and all summer long it is a venue for various musical, dance, and theatrical performances.

Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival

June 24-26
With a grand prize of $10,000, the Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival draws competitors from all over the country. The sunrise start sends roughly 150 boats across the water, in a hurry to find where the big ones are waiting. This is truly a sight to see!

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