The Malta Chapter’s contributions to local fishing are numerous: maintenance of docks and boat ramps at Nelson Reservoir, the construction of a walking bridge at the community fishing pond (built in conjunction with the Malta Rotary Club), and prevention of aquatic invasive species.

“Our local chapter has been talking about AIS for years, well before FWP’s campaign,” explains Jim Mayer, past chapter president.

Aquatic invasive species, such as zebra mussels or illegally introduced fish, can devastate an ecosystem. The Malta Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited is among several organizations vigilantly educating the public about aquatic nuisances and their destructive impact on fisheries.

“We’re all about preserving fisheries for future generations,” says Mayer. “A lot of our organization is about kids.”

Malta Chapter funding and volunteer support also goes toward Camp Walleye, an annual fishing camp for fifth through seventh graders at Nelson Reservoir.

For fishermen of all ages, the Fish & Game’s Ice Fishing Day is supported, in part, by the Malta Chapter. The local Walleyes Unlimited supplies food, and members offer Fish & Game assistance with the event.

“All of the eighth graders in Phillips County get out of school for a day of ice fishing at Nelson. It’s a fun time for everyone involved,” says Pete Daldy, current president of the chapter.

Daldy has been a member of the chapter since its foundation and served in just about every capacity.

“I’ve been president, vice president, secretary. I’ve been on prize patrol and managed the food line at the banquet,” he laughs. “I enjoy Walleyes Unlimited; I really do.”

The Malta Chapter’s annual banquet provides the majority of funding for the club’s many projects and programs. In addition to raising funds for the chapter, the event helps the organization build community relations and increase memberships.

“We have one of the highest memberships of any chapter in the state,” says Mayer. “For a small town that’s pretty impressive.”

For more information on the Malta Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited, call (406) 654-7798.

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