Almost Home by Jay Contway

by Chase Anderson

He gazed across the pastures
Of the land where he was born
His thoughts looked at his history
Hands rest on saddle horn

“Times have changed” he said at once
As he dug deep in his mind
“It’s all pickups now and tractors,
Me and the horse got left behind”

With that he trotted off a bit
To pick up a few strays
And disappeared in the cattle’s dust
And moved them down a ways

I couldn’t help but wonder
Though I’m in my youthful prime
What it really must be like
Being left behind by time

What’ll be new when I’m his age
What changes will I see
Could I turn into this old hand?
Could It really happen to me?

Will I see the day the last cowboy
All dressed in Sundays best
Be closed up with his way of life
And both laid down to rest?

No, it won’t, I promise this
The cowboy way will always be
As long as there’s a cow alive
They’ll be watched by folks like me

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