Walleyes Unlimited is not just a bunch of fishing enthusiasts. This group is as crazy about helping the community as they are about reeling in the perfect catch. Money raised within the group allows them to do a variety of projects, sponsor hands- on seminars, and support Montana youth events.

Walleyes Unlimited is well known for its charity toward children. The group has a number of youth fishing camps and day trips that teach kids (ages 4-15) how to fish responsibly and have a fun time doing it. Walleyes Unlimited also helps to support schools, providing funding for North and East Middle Schools’ Fishing Clubs and giving scholarships to Montana students looking to attend college in-state. It’s easy to see that the Walleyes take great pride in lending a hand to young fisherman and ensuring that this statewide tradition is not lost due to economic struggles.

Walleyes Unlimited also takes an interest in backing other groups. The Great Falls Chapter purchased and donated ice rescue and survival equipment for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) and search and rescue units in Great Falls and Valier. The group has reached out to Wounded Warriors, funding a fishing trip for them, and supports hunters as well. Their donations to the Russell Country Sportsmen “Youth Hunter Partnership” allow youth the experience of hunting with an adult. Just like fishing, Walleyes Unlimited supports hunting as a state tradition.

While Walleyes Unlimited holds tournaments every year, the group is less interested in competition than it is the humble joys of fishing and preserving a Montana lifestyle. The Great Falls Chapter has held Aquatic Invasive Species meetings in conjunction with MFWP specialists to educate anglers on how to identify aquatic nuisances and is proactive on how to clean up equipment to prevent the spread of these species from one body of water to another. The aid sent by the Great Falls Chapter to the fish hatcheries at Fort Peck and Miles City helps to improve warm water fishing as well.

From kids’ events to conservation, Walleyes Unlimited has been helping to keep Montana tradition alive. Since 1983, the Great Falls Chapter has raised over one million dollars that they have put back into the community. Walleyes Unlimited encourages those interested in the group to get involved.

For more information visit montanawalleyes.net or call Ron Reardon at (406) 403-2437.

General Meetings

Open to the public. These are held the third Thursday of every month, September through May at the VFW on 10th Ave S. They are intended to be educational and fun with guest speakers and demonstrations. This is a great time to check out what the organization is about and learn something new in the process.

Board Meetings

These are the first Thursday of every month, September through May. This is where the day-to-day operations of Walleyes of Unlimited are discussed. Open to the public.

The Annual Banquet

Each year on the first Saturday of February, the Great Falls Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited hosts their Annual Banquet, where the organization raises the majority of its funding for annual events, many of which benefit children.

Spouse Appreciation

In September, a free dinner is held for members and their spouses with door prizes are given away.

Great Falls Chapter of Walleyes is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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