By Suzanne Waring

Design matters. Interior space should be personally pleasing and accommodating to a specific purpose or lifestyle. The interior designers at the Decorating House know this means something different to every person who is building, renovating or decorating a home or commercial space.

Located at 3403 10th Avenue South in Great Falls, the Decorating House, as a thirty-year, family-owned business, is a luxury furniture store and full-scale interior design studio. Learning from two previous generations but also confident in their own up-to-date approach to interior design, Britta Lee and her staff are knowledgeable in the facets of design and recommend the latest materials and furnishings that are always changing and improving.

Designers at Decorating House explore the intersection of Western, Contemporary, and Transitional styles. In consultation, they use design samples that can be held as well as technological tools that help the customer see the end result before the materials are ordered and the work is done With the end result in mind, designers consider efficient floor plans, coordination of colors and textiles, lighting, and furnishings that define the flow throughout a space. Added detail, such as furniture, window treatments, custom bedding, and aesthetic details in art pieces create the finishing touch in making the space eye-appealing.

Partnering with Decorating House will streamline the process of finishing an interior space and bring satisfaction without the stress often associated with building or renovating. To do this, the designers at Decorating House treat their clients like family with impeccable integrity, and professionalism by caring about the client’s hopes and plans for a well-designed space. To be sure, designers take pleasure in the creative process of designing both little and big projects and from knowing that their clients are pleased with the final outcome. Check out Decorating House’s web site at thedecoratinghouse. com and its social media sites for the latest in products. Then contact Decorating House for either an in-store or on-site appointment by calling 406-454-3506.

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