October is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But awareness without action does little to help. In Great Falls, a nonprofit called Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) is working not only to raise awareness about the disease, but to empower women with the tools to prevent, understand, and overcome breast cancer.

“Knowledge is power,” says Hope Good, founder of BCA (and publisher of Treasure State Lifestyles). As a breast cancer survivor, Hope started BCA with the goal of helping others navigate breast cancer treatment. Since 2015, BCA
has published thousands of complimentary educational booklets and distributed them throughout Great Falls and the surrounding region.

In 2021, BCA became a 501c3 non-profit, and on September 23, 2023 BCA had a fundraiser at the Elks Lodge Banquet Hall in Great Falls to raise money for a new book.

Approximately forty pieces of Art were auctioned off at this event along with other items and a big silent auction. The new booklet is included in this year’s October edition of Treasure State Lifestyles Montana magazine and 6,000 additional copies will be printed and distributed across Central Montana.

The next phase for BCA will be a PSA radio and television campaign with survivors. This will be funded by another fundraiser, a rummage sale in January 2023.

BCA booklets will be available for free at local medical centers, Treasure State Lifestyles racks, Inge’s Fashions, Floors & More in Great Falls, and at Central Montana Family Planning in Lewistown. If you would like copies for yourself or your business, call (406) 868-9649.

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