Video didn’t kill the radio star; it helped it burn brighter. Tools like Facebook Live and Instagram allow radio networks to supplement their programming, expanding and enhancing the news and entertainment their stations provide.

In central Montana, StaRadio uses video to its advantage, expounding on stories that matter to the region.

“StaRadio believes that they have success when the community has success,” explains Tim Lee, former Director of Digital Operations for the company.

Although he no longer works for StaRadio, he still works closely with the network, producing video interviews like his upcoming series about the Great Western Art Rendezvous.

“From a community standpoint, the Great Western Art Rendezvous is incredible for tourism, restaurants, hotels, and shops,” Lee explains. “We want to be involved in promoting events like these in our community.”

During Western Art Week in March 2022, Lee’s live-streaming interviews of various artists and art show representatives (dubbed “The Brush Up”) were well- received, with some of the videos viewed by more than 1,000 people. Lee hopes to recapture some of that magic and take it to the next level in August 2022.

“I love talking to people about something that is important to them. It’s always my goal to connect on an emotional level,” he says.

Through conversation, Lee works to the heart of every story. His hope is that everyone involved—interviewee, viewer, and interviewer—can take something away from the experience.

“I always want the videos I’ve made to bless the creator I’m interviewing, and I also want these videos to inspire the people watching them,” Lee explains. “[As an artist] I got burned out during COVID. Those Western Art Week interviews made me want to rush out and paint. I hope these videos inspire someone to pick up a brush for the first time or reinspire them to pick it up again.”

Tim Lee plans to interview as many artists as possible during the Great Western Art Rendezvous, August 18- 21. Watch live or play the videos at your convenience on StaRadio’s 104.9 the Wolf Facebook page.

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