Spring is a time when garden centers are packed with people and car trunks are packed with plants. Everybody has dirt on their knees, dirt under their nails, and everyone’s excited about gardening.

One popular flower variety is geraniums. If you have a home garden, chances are you have considered, are considering, or will be considering using geraniums to bring a little extra life to your dirt. These plants have been called “one of the most reliable plants” for your garden, whether that garden is at home, in a small greenhouse, or in a small plant box at your place of work.

For starters, geraniums can be obtained as seeds, seedlings, or as established plants, making them one of the easiest to plant. You can just grab them and go. They’re also terrific for beginners who don’t quite know what they want to plant but are eager to get a garden going.
Sweet Williams are another favorite. They are relatives of the carnation and flower in shades of red, pink, and white. Sweet William is a biennial or short-lived perennial plant.

All Sweet William plants grow from seeds and you’ll typically not purchase these plants as seedlings or as established plants; more than likely, you’ll plant the seeds right into your outdoor flower garden (though you can plant them indoors and then move the seedlings outside once you are ready).

You should hold off on planting seeds or seedlings until the last frost has passed in your area. These small plants don’t mind crowding but you should plant them about six inches apart so they have at least a little bit of room to grow.

Sweet Williams love full and direct sunlight and will grow best in soil that drains well and is rich in nutrients. The flowers will not do well in soil that is tightly packed and dry, so you should try to make sure that the soil is loose and somewhat moist. But remember, don’t overwater or have drowned soil or your plants may die.

This particular plant is extremely attractive to butterflies, bees and birds, so you can count on it bringing a whole new life to your garden.

Overall, Sweet William is a beautiful, easy to manage plant that will make your garden colorful and sophisticated, as well as making it a perfect environment for people, plants, and wildlife.

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