The Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree Tribe, has been in existence for 100 years, established by Congressional Act on September 7, 1916. Chippewa Chief Ahsiniwin (Rocky Boy), Cree Chief Ahyimisis (Little Bear), Chippewa/Cree Elder Pahnahto, Chippewa Camp Crier Kennewash, and various other Chippewa and Cree elders had a dream to have a home for their future generations. They focused on the Bear Paw Mountains as their future home, as the Bear Paw Mountains were held in high regard to both the Chippewa and Cree as a sacred location. With the help of various gentlemen such as the famous artist Charles M. Russell, Frank B. Linderman, William Bole, and others, the Chippewa Cree tribes were able to call a portion of the Bear Paw Mountains “home,” where they could practice and perpetuate their culture, traditions, ceremonies, and languages.

The Chippewa Cree Tribe is still able to practice many of their ceremonies, traditions, customs, beliefs, and languages, which was the founding Chiefs’ dream for their future generations.

The Centennial of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation will be highlighted at this year’s 52nd Annual Celebration and Powwow. The Rocky Boy Powwow is one of the largest in the world, with various styles and categories of dancing. Visitors travel from around the world to attend. Authentic and mainstream foods as well as arts and crafts are available by local and visiting vendors.

Other Activities

Tuesday-Sunday, August 2-7
Rocky Boy Rodeo

Thursday, August 4
Youth Powwow

Friday, August 5
Annual Walk for Sobriety, 9am
(Old Stone Child College to Powwow Grounds)

Saturday, August 6
Tour De Cure: Bike Ride for Diabetes Prevention/Awareness, 9am (Starts at Powwow Grounds)
Rocky Boy’s 52nd Annual celebration will take place August 4-7, 2016 on Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation.

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