Lewis & Clark Bridge

In 1915, Wolf Point voted in favor of incorporating as a municipality. As the area flourished, the need became apparent for a bridge across the Missouri (the nearest crossing being 350 miles away). In 1930, a five-span Pennsylvania through truss was completed, 1,074 feet long with a 400-foot span (the longest through truss span in the state). While the Wolf Point Bridge, officially known as the Lewis & Clark Bridge, is no longer accessible, it serves as an interpretive site for the Lewis and Clark Expedition and as an icon of Wolf Point’s
early development.

The Twin Lift Bridges

The community of Fairview straddles the Montana- North Dakota Border, much like the Fairview Bridge straddles the Yellowstone River a few miles east of town. Built in 1913 by the Montana Eastern Railway, this vertical lift bridge is near identical to the nearby Snowden Bridge, which spans the Missouri River, joining the Montana counties of Richland and Roosevelt.

Bell Street Bridge

Built in 1926, the 1,352-foot-long Bell Street Bridge crosses the Yellowstone River at Glendive. At one time, it was the main highway bridge but has since been converted for pedestrian use.

Missouri River Ferriesv
Three ferries still operate in Montana, all located along the Missouri River in the northcentral part of the state, at Carter, Virgelle, and Stafford. Each ferry can carry two passenger vehicles at a time. The regular operating season is April through November.

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