Pure Montana Angus is a meat business located outside of Fairfield that strives to provide its market of buyers with high quality beef. It is run by Tom and Gaye McInerney, a humble ranch couple that uses their knowledge of genetics and agriculture (along with some old-fashioned hard work) to produce exceptional meat products. Experience plays a major factor as well; Pure Montana Angus has been in business for over ten years and the McInerneys have owned and operated a registered Black Angus seed stock operation for more than 25.

All of the McInerneys’ beef is raised on homegrown or locally grown feeds. Pure Montana Angus is licensed with and monitored by the State Health Department as a retail meat vendor and their cattle are bred to produce the best Angus possible along with other important economic traits. Tom ascertains which cows have the best genetic traits and uses selective culling to increase the overall quality of the herd. A strong genetic base is essential in producing consistently good meat products. It takes generations of breeding to build a herd like the McInerneys’ – a herd of strong cows that produce good milk, mother large calves, and survive Montana’s harsh winters with moderate supplemental feed (and still rebreed on time). One result of breeding generations of these genetically superior animals is a high carcass quality that promotes customer returns.

Gaye handles the majority of the sales, taking Pure Montana Angus products to several farmers markets and developing the customer base with honest marketing practices and fair prices. Tom and Gaye have heard many of their customers say that their products aren’t the cheapest but they’re well worth the cost. The McInerneys provide a range of products and prices so that their high-end Angus caters to a wide base of customers. They afford people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience their outstanding beef.

The McInerneys’ good business practices reflect their principles as a Montana ranch family. A lot of Tom’s dedication comes from being the fourth generation of his family to work the land. His great-grandfather, Michael McInerney, moved from a farm in northeast Nebraska to a farm in Nashua, Montana at the turn of the century. Tom’s grandfather, John, moved to Fairfield to start his own farm in 1931. Tom’s father, William, took over the farm, added to it, and raised his sons
to have a strong work ethic and an appreciation of the land. William also taught his sons the value of teamwork and to this day, Tom, and his brothers, Greg and Mark, often work together to accomplish tasks on their farms and ranches.

Creating lasting relationships is important to the McInerneys and its part of their business’ charm. They treat customers as neighbors and produce quality Angus that keeps people coming back for more. With humility, honesty, and diligence, Tom and Gaye have created a business that Montanans can be proud to buy from.

To learn more about Pure Montana Angus, visit PureMontanaAngus.com

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