Working primarily in oils, artist Sam Iddings has made a living painting what he knows.

“I grew up on ranches, and my dad had me riding colts at a very early age,” he explains. “There’s something about the anticipation of the horse blowing up! The calm before the storm—some do, some don’t. You just never know. I paint a lot of broncs. I love the explosiveness of it.”

With vibrant colors, Iddings captures the sensations of a wild ride or the beauty of a quiet moment in cowboy country. Western masters like Charlie Russell, Bill Gollings, and Frank Tenny Johnson have strongly influenced his work. And though he was awarded an art scholarship, Iddings is mostly self-taught.

“Just got tired of painting apples, so that didn’t last long,” he says.

Iddings has done quite well for himself without formal training. His love of the Old West and masterful use of color have enabled him to portray stunning scenes of Montana and Wyoming in the early 1900s, each with his own signature style.

“I love a painting that looks like a human did it,” he says. “I want feeling and some passion in the paint.”

To learn more about the artist’s work, follow Sam Iddings on Facebook or call (307) 461-0319.

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