One of the best parts of Western Art Week is the opportunity to meet the people behind the art. Through the Montana Lifestyles Podcast, host Tim Lee is excited to help you learn more about the artists of Western Art Week.

“I will be connecting with as many artists as possible, learning what they love about art, what makes their art unique, the techniques they utilize… the end goal is to make you feel, when you come to the show and meet them in person, like you already know them. And if you can’t make it, you get a taste of what you missed and can still be inspired not only to join us next year, but maybe pick up that paint brush yourself,” Lee explains.

Having worked as both an artist and a radio DJ, Lee is well- equipped to get artists talking about themselves, their art, and what inspires them. The Montana Lifestyles Podcast isn’t an interview session; it’s like listening in on a fireside chat.

“I hate interviews,” says Lee. “I love conversations. As an artist, I want to learn about each person, why they are who they are, and how I can be affected by their wisdom. These conversations are a gift that the podcast provides the world—a gift for you from everyone who sits down with me to talk about their passions.”

Western Art Week will not be short of opportunities for “gift giving.” With hundreds of professional artists in town, there aren’t enough hours in the week for Lee to feature them all—but he’s sure to speak to many. He hopes to chat with artists of different shows, mediums, and styles to provide an accurate representation of the men and women who make up the incredible event.

“You will come excited, leave inspired, and wait impatiently for next year,” says Lee. “That is Western Art Week.”

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