What’s at the heart of Johnny’s Family Candies? Why, it’s right in the name – family.

Over twenty years ago, Doreen Caquelin made a batch of chocolate covered cherries for her father, John “Johnny” Parisi. He absolutely loved them. Since then, Caquelin has experimented with numerous types of candy. Her family and friends inspire many of her creations and they’re always eager to taste them as well!

Caquelin so enjoys making candy for others that in 2013 she fulfilled her lifelong dream and opened her own candy business. She named it Johnny’s Family Candies after her father, who inspired her craft. Now Caquelin sells her tasty creations to people all over the Treasure State, providing others the chance to light up someone’s holiday season with the gift of homemade candy.

Johnny’s Family Candies offers a variety of homemade sweets, including caramels, truffles, and Almond Roca. Caquelin’s lemon crème candies and wine chocolates are fan favorites, and her signature candy, the Moose, is popular as well. This trademarked creation is a unique spin on the chocolate pecan turtle and was inspired by Caquelin’s nickname, Moose. With a chocolate head and walnut antlers, the Moose not only resembles its namesake, it tastes great too.

Caquelin’s tasty recipes have made Johnny’s Family Candies a big hit, especially around the holidays. She’s thankful to her family for helping her to perfect her craft and for encouraging her along the way.

Last year, Caquelin’s father passed away after a long battle with cancer and to honor him, she donates 10% of her profits to help cancer patients and their families.

To try her delicious candies and help families affected by cancer, you can order Johnny’s Family Candies by phone at 406-781-9363 or find them at numerous tradeshows around the state. For more information, check out Johnny’s Family Candies on Facebook.

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