Ask anybody who does not have their own yard and they will tell you that having a yard is a privilege.

If you are ready to get back outdoors and enjoy your yard again then here are some creative ideas to spruce it up:

1) Make a walk out of stepping stones. This can be inexpensive if you create your own stepping stones from scratch. All you need is a mold, some concrete, and something with which to decorate your new stepping stones. Done right, you can get the cost down to around $3 per stone.

2) Add some color by creating your own rose garden. It’s more economical than you think. Start by picking a spot in your yard that you tend to walk by frequently. Outline the rose bed with native rocks or landscape timbers, and make sure that you expose your roses to the best possible conditions by buying some garden soil. The roses should come up year after year if properly cared for.

3) If you are tired of boring and drab patio sets that are sold at every home improvement store around, you can easily make your back yard reflect a style that is all your own. First check out your local second hand stores for a table that is the size you want. If it is wooden, get creative and think about painting it. You can go conservative and paint it a natural color to blend with the outdoors, or if you have a wild side, you can paint it a bright color to make your back yard really pop. By going with second hand furniture, you can find different sizes and shapes for your table. To really have a unique patio set, you could consider finding a set of old chairs, like retro dining chairs. Many times when buying these used, you will need to redo the fabric, which is cheap if you do it yourself, so just make sure you place a good and durable outdoor fabric on them and you are good to go!

Your back yard does not have to look like everyone else’s! A little creativity is all you need!

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