Built at the turn of the century, the Great Northern Hotel is Malta’s only full-service hotel. The rooms are clean and unique, with antiques that fit the area. An underground garage makes parking easy for guests and the hotel’s dining options make it a convenient place for both locals and visitors to grab a bite to eat.

The hotel kitchen opens at 6am, serving breakfast and lunch in a quaint coffee shop, adjacent to the Great Northern’s front desk. In the evening, the coffee shop closes and dinner is served in the hotel’s elegant dining hall. Some of the specialties at the Great Northern Hotel are burgers and steaks, made in-house and served fresh every day. Homemade pies and other deserts will satisfy even the hardiest of appetites.

With nearby attractions like the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum, Bowdoin Wildlife Refuge, and Nelson Reservoir, Malta is a perfect stopping point for travelers along the Hi-Line. And the Great Northern Hotel is the perfect place to stay.

The Great Northern Hotel is located at 2 South 1st Street East in Malta. To book a room, call 406-654-2100.

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