Fairfield is an apt name for this country town. Great looking crop land stretches atop the flats overlooking Freezeout Lake. When Gibson Dam was built it ensured the irrigation of over 80,000 acres of cropland in and around Fairfield.

Irrigated fields ensure good crops, but a town needs jobs to be vital and to sustain itself. Fairfield has a great collection of jobs that adds to the character of this small town.

Dubbed the “Malting Barley Capital of the World,” we can see why as we drive through Fairfield. Running through town like the railroad, like the highway, is a series of giant grain bins. Many fields of barley are devoted to a little company called Anheuser-Busch. Busch, Busch Light, Bud Light and Budweiser. The King of Beers should be made with the best ingredients in the world, so it’s no wonder the best barley comes from Montana. Micro or macro brews, Montana does both well.

Stationed in Fairfield, the Sun River Electric Co-op employs 23 people. These rural co-ops represent the true identity of these small towns. Owned and operated by the people themselves, service and rates are set by locals to support locals. When the power goes out, call your neighbor!

The most well-known employer in Fairfield is 3 Rivers Communication (mostly because I pay them my monthly internet bill). 3 Rivers has proven to be such a successful company that people drive from Great Falls to work in Fairfield! Good wages and good bosses always helps to retain employees, but so too does living in a small, beautiful town. Construction, maintenance, customer service, and internet connectivity – 3 Rivers does it all from its headquarters in Fairfield.

Central Avenue seems to always be busy, carrying most of the cafés, bars, and businesses in town. For a quick bite try DJ’s Pizza or the Cozy Corner Cafe, and if you must have prime rib steak, then try Cinders Chop House.
Downtown has much more with a big Ford dealership, Napa Auto Parts, and a First Security Bank. The beautiful American Legion Park encircles the town’s swimming pool. The school and the water tower lie at the end of the road. It may only take a minute to drive through the whole town, but don’t be afraid to stop and spend more time in Fairfield; you may have some fun.

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