By Sam Knodel

Glasgow… People come, people come back, people stay.

At first glance, Glasgow, Montana may seem like just another “dot” of a town across the Hi-Line, but spend a little time here, and you’ll quickly realize just how special this little-big-town really is. Being a life-long resident, I’ve come to take all the little things Glasgow has to offer for granted because they’re right in front of me every single day, but in the same breath, I’m also reminded daily of why I love Glasgow and why I live here.

One of the most notable things I love about Glasgow might be the wide-open 4-lane highway running through the entire town. It’s like a pair of giant arms reaching out saying, “You’ve arrived… welcome!” From a visitor’s perspective, it may not seem like such a “big deal,” but when you can get anywhere in town in roughly six minutes or less from any location… it’s incredible!

Being situated approximately 270 miles from any major city in any direction, the people of Glasgow depend on our many small businesses for the goods and services they want and need. Believe it or not, there’s much more to this little town on the prairie than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look…

Glasgow has so much to offer. We have restaurants and night-life, building suppliers and hardware. We have clothing, grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, banks, and investment services—and a fantastic hospital! Glasgow has a wonderful selection of contractor services like plumbing, heating, electrical, glass, and appliances. We have recreational and work equipment, and implement dealers for the farmers and ranchers. We have essential services like the BNSF Railroad, Amtrak, and direct flights in and out of Glasgow daily. These are services that much larger cities don’t even have available!

Even in this current world of internet shopping, I still feel that Glasgow residents and the surrounding communities take good care of Glasgow. From a business perspective, we absolutely depend on our broad customer base, and I can honestly say that our business, Eugene’s Pizza, has been embraced, blessed, and rewarded. I personally have met so many good people and got better acquainted than I ever would have without having a business.

We all use and appreciate the businesses and services Glasgow has to offer, and we wouldn’t continue to have these things if the people of Glasgow and the area didn’t support them.

Glasgow is the type of town where you buy a 4H beef not just because the youngster did a good job with it, but also because you’re friends with the kid’s parents. When misfortune strikes, as it can in any community, there’s always a group of people that “rally to the cause” to plan and organize some form of fundraiser—auctions, bake sales, stew-feeds, etc. Need insulation for the new “Event Center” that will benefit the entire area? How about doing a local Radio-Thon to raise the money? The money came in! The people of Glasgow and the surrounding communities are so generous in their care and support of any good cause; if it’s a worthy cause, the people are behind it all the way!

There’s more to Glasgow, however, than the support of the community! Let’s not forget about Fort Peck Lake. Camping, fishing, and water recreation are a mere seventeen miles away, and with roughly 1,500 miles of shoreline, you’re certain to find just the spot you’re looking for. When you can count the number of other boats on the water with one hand, that’s pretty appealing.

Hunting around Glasgow? Absolutely! I’ve always said, “People come to visit, but they stay for the hunting!”

I’m proud to live here, and I want people to know that! Maybe I’m a little bit biased since I’m a life-long resident, but maybe I just know a good thing when I see it. When I think of Glasgow, seven things come to mind: peace of mind, safety, security, friendship, honesty, trust, and support. Come to Glasgow! Spend a little time here. Take note of the easy pace and no traffic. Enjoy the tranquility and the wholesome pleasures that Glasgow has to offer. Get to know the wonderful people; that’s what makes this little town tick. Besides a great business community, we have a great “customer community.” People support our businesses and truly love this area for what it has to offer. But above all, the most cherished asset we have is the trust that people place within each other. It’s friendly, it’s safe, and it’s home! It’s Glasgow.

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