Old Montana Prison Complex

Five museums in one, this complex includes the Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings, and the Montana Auto Museum. (One fee covers all museums.)

Old Montana Prison

This prison was the first Territorial Prison in the West, was built by convict labor in the 1800s, and operated as a prison until 1979.

Frontier Montana Museum

“God created man, but the Colt made him equal” is the title on one exhibit case in Frontier Montana Museum. This museum holds the largest collection of handguns, spurs, chaps, and all the cowboy collectibles between Cody and Calgary.

Powell County Museum

Mining, wood carving, and local history can be discovered in the Powell County Museum. Experience what life was like in early Montana through displays and photos of the area.

Yesterday’s Playthings

Montana’s foremost doll and toy museum, Yesterday’s Playthings houses a spectacular collection of model trains, porcelain dolls, toy vehicles, and more.

Montana Auto Museum

Over 160 cars are on display, from classic Chevys and muscle cars to a Schacht high wheeler. Listed by USA Today as one of the Top 10 Car Museums in the country, the Montana Auto Museum offers a splendid display of automotive history.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

Once the headquarters of a 10 million acre cattle empire, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site commemorates the role of cattlemen in American history. This pioneer ranch, complete with original furnishings, is a reminder of an important chapter in the story of the West.

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