On any given year, more than 200 animals come through the doors of Chouteau County’s Dedman Foundation. Unlike many animal shelters, the Dedman Foundation is a no-kill facility that spays and neuters animals and provides all necessary vaccinations as well. Sheltering such a large number of animals is unsurprisingly expensive, but the cost is justified in the foundation’s mission “to promote and enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged animals in Chouteau County.”

Established in 1993, the Dedman Foundation was created at the bequest of Florence Dedman. Before passing away,
she asked that a no-kill animal shelter be constructed in Fort Benton to help the abandoned, abused, and neglected animals of the area and to give them a second chance at life and human companionship. The Dedman Foundation works to create permanent homes for these animals by educating the public and rehabilitating animals with health and behavioral issues so that they can make as much of a difference in their owners’ lives as their owners make in theirs.

To raise awareness and interest, the Dedman Foundation offers programs and incentives to draw people in. For instance, the foundation’s boarding services are an affordable alternative to a pet sitter, costing only $10 per day for a cat and $15 for a dog.

Another program that the foundation is well-known for is its Trip of the Month fundraiser. Tickets are sold at $150 (payment plans are available) and each ticket holder has twelve chances to win a vacation trip. Destinations include professional sporting events, amusement parks, and more.

The Dedman Foundation also offers numerous volunteer programs. These are fun, feel good opportunities for people to get involved and help the animals.

The Dedman Foundation is located at 2400 High Street in Fort Benton. For more information, visit dedmanfoundation.org or call (406) 622-5657.

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