Fort Benton Levee

July 11, 2020

Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

ChoCo (Chouteau County) Fun 2020 is highlighting local talent in art, music, food, and more. The event will host Fort Benton’s first farmer’s market of the summer, providing visitors an opportunity to stock up on the fresh produce and baked goods that they’ve been missing while in lockdown.

Normally ChoCo Fun would include a brew fest and food vendors, but this year the ChoCo committee is sending attendees to the source; check out the great food and beverage options available throughout town at Fort Benton’s great restaurants, bars, and brewery.

The outdoor concert is going ahead as planned, with two great bands this year. First up is the Lucky Valentines—the husband and wife duo of Shaun and Jamie Carrier. These two use a mix of folk melodic sensibilities, tight harmonies, and a whole lotta love to make sad things beautiful. Also preforming at ChoCo will be Betty Jane, a trio from Great Falls that blends sophisticated jazz harmony with exciting funk rhythms. Both bands have been invited to showcase their talents on PBS’ 11th & Grant. (The Betty Jane episode premiered in January 2020. Lucky Valentines will air later this year.) If they’re good enough for television, you know you’ve gotta see them live! And where better than outside at the Levee!?

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