By Marie Hoyer

When parents are putting up a Christmas tree, chances are the children may want to have one in their playroom or bedroom. It would be very meaningful and part of the fun if the tree was decorated by the children. First of all, make sure the tree is well anchored and if a strand of lights is attached, make sure they are in good condition.

Pinecones may be attached to the tree along with a star made from cardboard and covered with aluminum foil.

Although stringing popcorn goes way back, the children may enjoy doing it now. One needs a batch of plain popped corn with no butter or salt, a medium size needle, and thread. Double the thread length and when stringing, leave 2 to 3 inches bare to tie other lengths together.

Mitten shapes cut out of colorful gift wrap or other paper can be drawn around the child’s hand. Cut two pieces, one right side up, the other face down. Glue them together like a mitten with a loop of ribbon or string in-between to hang on tree. Label and date them.

Gingerbread people can be cut out of brown paper sacks by tracing around a gingerbread cookie cutter.

Used canning jar rings may be made into wreaths. Tie a ribbon or string on the ring to hang. Add glue and moss onto it. Pinecones and flowers can be added to it or other objects. Something can be glued to just one side also.

Images of children, pets, or other images can be glued onto the metal rounds of cans. Using a hammer and a nail, make a hole in the top of the round to insert thread.

Snowflakes can be made from Popsicle sticks. They can be painted and glitter added.

Stocking shapes cut out of felt may be decorated with decorative shapes and buttons.

Images cut out of last year’s Christmas cards can be cut out and glued onto a colored solid piece of paper. Leave a small border of the background paper around the card image. Add a hanger.

If children enjoy drawing a Christmas picture, copy and size it to use on your Christmas stationary.

Some of these projects will be messy but that can be cleaned up. After some years they will not make such messes anymore. This is a time to build memories with your children.

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