The Central Montana Museum in Lewistown chronicles the area’s history, with a number of displays dedicated to Montanans who served the United States during times of war. Military uniforms, equipment, memorabilia, and photographs can be found at this exceptional museum, spanning more than a century. Items, including an artillery shell stamped into folk art (using punches and a mallet hammer) from WWI and a Norden bombsight (a revolutionary targeting device) from WWII can be found among numerous other historical treasures.

“We’re always adding new things,” says museum board member Dennis Borud. “We receive donations year-round. If we’re given something interesting enough, it goes on display.”

In addition to its military displays, the museum features photos and objects pertaining to the history of the area’s homesteaders, farmers, ranchers, law enforcement, business, entertainment, and more.

Visitors are welcome to sit a spell and thumb through the extensive collections of photographs and local history books of central Montana’s communities or view educational media in an electronic format. There are also a variety of books, memorabilia, CDs, videos, and locally-made products available for sale.

The museum strives to make each visit unique and memorable.

“It’s important for people to know their history,” says board member Nancy Watts.

Borud mirrors this sentiment, adding, “We try to get people interested in how Montanans lived.”

The Central Montana Museum is located at 408 Northeast Main in Lewistown. It is open Memorial Weekend through Labor Day, 10am-4pm daily. Special tours can be arranged by calling (406)535-9289. For more information, visit

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