The West of Exploration at The Bair

by Elizabeth Guheen When Charles Bair arrived in Montana in 1883, he had been preceded by almost one hundred years of history that had irrevocably shaped the West he would find and settle in. He [...]

Montana Dinosaur Trail

Sometimes we forget how blessed we are in Montana. Not every state has its own Glacier or Yellowstone. Few states can compete with the abundance of wildlife here or rival our picturesque scenery. [...]

Welcome to the Birthplace of Montana

Fort Benton carries with it all the history and charm that you’d expect from Montana’s birthplace. Four museums walk visitors through the town’s timeline, from the dawn of the First Peoples to [...]


Wilsall Main Street Charm With the Crazy Mountains as Wilsall’s backdrop, the town can’t help but be enchanting. Several historic buildings have been repurposed into charming new businesses and [...]

Historic Helena

Last Chance Train Tour In 1864, four prospectors struck the second biggest placer gold deposit in Montana, producing some $19 million worth of gold in just four years. In no time, Last Chance [...]


Belt Belt Museum 37 Castner Street (406) 277-3574 Big Sandy Big Sandy Historical Museum 87 Johannes Avenue West (406) 378-2640 Bozeman Museum of the Rockies 600 West Kagy Boulevard (406) 994-2251 [...]

Shades of Yellowstone

Yellowstone’s beauty has inspired the works of innumerable artists over the last 150 years. Three that stand out to us are Ann Justin, Jennifer Johnson, and Todd Connor—all of whom show during [...]

Yellowstone National Park

In 2014, the Seven Natural Wonders Organization recognized North America’s most astounding feats of nature, determined by a voting board of scientists and nature conservationists. Not only did [...]

Forever the King

The Tyrannosaurus rex dominated the late Cretaceous—and it has dominated our imaginations ever since it was identified in 1902. In honor of the tyrant lizard king, the U.S. Postal Service [...]

Dino Shindig July 24-25, 2021

The 9th Annual Dino Shindig at the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka is now offering virtual attendance through Facebook and YouTube. Paleo enthusiasts of all ages can choose to attend the Dino [...]