Rundle Suites Hotel

By Stacy Bronec Rundle Suites Hotel lies in the heart of downtown Glasgow, where the building has been a prominent feature for over a hundred years. The building’s design was inspired by Spanish [...]

The Shriners Legacy

By Amy Pearson Become a Shriner Shriners International started in New York as a fraternal organization of the Masonic Society in 1872. They built their first hospital in 1922 in an effort to [...]

The Brotherhood of Elks

By Joanne Sanford In 1867, a group of entertainers in New York City formed a loose group to get together for fellowship and called themselves the Jolly Corks. When one of their members died [...]

Kaufman’s Downtown Legacy

By Amy Pearson In 1880, Mose Kaufman moved to Fort Benton from New York City. A decade later he moved to Great Falls. In 1894, he opened Kaufman’s Menswear Center downtown at 218 Central Avenue. [...]

The Great Western Show

By Joanne Sanford Chuck Fulcher started the Great Western Show in 2013. He had attended larger art shows and realized he wanted to include more than fine art, bronzes and sculptures. He wanted a [...]