Virginia City

Sheridan At the heart of the Ruby River Valley, Sheridan offers easy access to seven mountain ranges, where hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, and backpacking can be enjoyed. Ruby Valley B&B [...]


The Berkeley Pit A former open pit copper mine, this 1,700-foot-deep pit has an observation deck open March through November. The World Museum of Mining Located on the former site of the Orphan [...]

Deer lodge

Old Montana Prison Complex Five museums in one, this complex includes the Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings, and the Montana Auto Museum. [...]

Beartooth Highway

Approximately 68 miles, the Beartooth Highway is the highest paved road in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Turnouts are frequent. The elevation reaches 10,947 feet at Beartooth Pass. Clay Butte [...]

Forever the King

The Tyrannosaurus rex dominated the late Cretaceous—and it has dominated our imaginations ever since it was identified in 1902. In honor of the tyrant lizard king, the U.S. Postal Service [...]

Dino Shindig July 24-25, 2021

The 9th Annual Dino Shindig at the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka is now offering virtual attendance through Facebook and YouTube. Paleo enthusiasts of all ages can choose to attend the Dino [...]

Under the Surface

During the Cretaceous Period (between 145 to 65 million years ago), a huge inland sea split the North American continent in two. This Western Interior Seaway happened to run directly through what [...]


Courtesy of the Montana Dinosaur Trail Albertosaurus TYPE (CLASS): Tyrannosaur (theropod dinosaur) ADULT LENGTH: 30 feet ADULT WEIGHT: 2 tons LIVED IN: Alberta and Montana FUN FACT: Albertosaurus [...]

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