By Hayley Young

Home projects both large and small have the potential to increase your home’s value and add comfort at the same time. Even some of the smallest changes can have quite the impact. Small changes will show potential buyers that the home is cared for and has been maintained giving them a piece of mind. Before jumping into large and often expensive home improvements consider some of these smaller more affordable options.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is key, it is the first impression potential buyers have of your home. Whether viewing online or driving up for a viewing, it is the first thing they will see. Updating exterior paint and removing outdated and weathered shutters will give your home a new feel.

Update the color on your front door. Research shows that different door colors evoke different feelings for buyers. The most popular front door color in 2021 was black. You read that right, black. Zillow found buyers would spend more money for homes with black doors.

Nicely manicured lawns and garden beds can have quite the impact on how buyers view your home. Add pops of color with perennial plants; have plants of varying heights and blooming periods. Mature plants and trees are great selling points.

Not sure exactly what your yard needs, take a picture to see what can be improved or walk across the street and view from a passerby’s viewpoint.

Interior Paint

New interior paint will give your home an instant facelift. Walls get dinged and scuffed by everyday traffic in your home. Paint will quickly cover over those minor blemishes. Be sure to pick
a color that is suitable to a wide market; experts suggest neutral colors. The most popular neutrals being beige, grey, and the ever so popular griege colors. White trim is the perfect complement to your newly painted walls.

Updated Lighting

Light makes rooms feel larger. If your home lacks natural light, updating current light bulbs with more energy efficient LED bulbs will add light and can reduce energy costs. Adding recessed
lighting and new fixtures can be a quick and low-cost way to help your space fill larger when adding square footage isn’t an option. Placing mirrors strategically within your home will help bring more light into your space.

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