In a 100-foot deep limestone canyon, visitors of the Bear Gulch Pictographs can take in the wonder of approximately 3,000 Plains Indian drawings. Macie Lundin, whose family has owned the property for nearly a century, conducts walking tours of the canyon and describes it as a fascinating place to explore. The canyon wall is covered in both pictographs (images that have been painted) and petroglyphs (images that have been pecked or carved into the surface). Archeologists that have studied the area have found evidence of the tools and materials used to make these images, along with other evidence of Plains Indian life, including a fire pit and the remains of a roasted bison.

Lundin states that the area is not only historically significant; it is very scenic as well. A creek, meadow, and various wildlife allows the tour of the Bear Gulch Pictographs to double as a nature walk. In fact, several birding clubs visit the canyon each year and have been known to spot as many as 39 different species.

The Bear Gulch Pictographs are located 27 miles southeast of Lewistown and 17 miles southwest of Grass Range, open Wednesday through Sunday at 10am. Tours last approximately 2 1⁄2 hours.

For more information or to make other reservations, call Macie Lundin at 406-428-2439 or visit

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