Making Memories

By Brad Reynolds Reeling in a “big one” is a thrill not reserved for the professionals. Even a novice, who baits his hook with nothing more than a worm and a prayer, can pull in a remarkable [...]

Montie Montana & the Wolf Point Rodeo

Owen Harlen Mickel was nearing the end of his Hollywood career by 1970, but there was still plenty of cowboy left in him. He had been a showman since 1925, when (at age 15) he performed in the [...]

The Glasgow Air Force Base

By Hope Good From 1957 to 1968, the Glasgow Air Force Base served as an integral part of the World War II effort and operated as a Cold War deterrent to Soviet air invasion coming over Canada. At [...]

The Pride of Bozeman

Allyn “Sonny” Holland is a household name in Bobcat Country. In 1956, he played center for Montana State University’s NAIA Championship-winning football team, and from 1971-1977, he served as the [...]

The 1970s: The Decade that Changed Rock

By Hope Good Bands from the Seventies changed the way rock music was played and recorded and shaped the rock genre into what it is today. The early years marked the end of an era; the Beatles [...]

Montana-made Motion Pictures

The 1970 Western Little Big Man (starring Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway) features 121-year-old Jack Crabb, the oldest living man in the world, who recounts his life story and his claims to have [...]

The ‘Stache

By Hope Good The Seventies were the decade of machismo. Mustaches of all shapes and sizes were popular. But a few stood out and left such a psychic imprint on humanity that the moustache-stud [...]

Pop-tops & Running Rainiers

By Hope Good The early 1970s saw dramatic changes in the realm of regional beer sales. In order to stay competitive, fun commercials promoted a variety of beer brands. Schlitz was one of the [...]