Bob Marshall Wilderness

Named for Robert Marshall (the American forester and activist who spearheaded the 1935 founding of the Wilderness Society), “the Bob” extends for sixty miles along the Continental Divide, covering more than one million acres. Horseback trips, hunting expeditions, and camping are all popular activities enjoyed here.

Willow Creek Reservoir

Located north of Augusta, Willow Creek Reservoir is part of the Willow Creek Reservoir Wildlife Management Area, allowing for virtually unlimited access all along the lake. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks plants sizeable numbers of rainbow trout here each year.

Pishkun Reservoir

Fishermen at Pishkun Reservoir, north of Augusta, have good luck catching rainbow trout, northern pike, and yellow perch.

Nilan Reservoir

Seven miles west of Augusta, Nilan Reservoir is regularly stocked with rainbow trout. The area also offers great hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Southern Rocky Mountain Front Scenic Drive

The Southern Rocky Mountain Front Scenic Drive follows Montana State Highway 435 past the Rocky Mountain Front, Bean Lake, and the Dearborn River High Bridge, a 160-foot- long, one-lane bridge on the National Historic Registry.

Gibson Dam

Constructed in 1926, Gibson Dam holds the distinction of being the first American dam designed using trial-load method (a method which relies on mathematical equations to determine the stresses and strains acting on a dam). The structure is nearly 200 feet tall and 960 feet long at the crest, comprised of more than 167,000 cubic yards of concrete. Two 72-inch diameter semisteel-lined conduits through the base of the dam can output up to 3,050 feet of water per second.

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