Art is magic. It can transport us to a place in our memories. It can take us somewhere we’ve never been. It can show us something we love—or make us fall in love with something altogether new. Art tantalizes the senses. It sparks sights and smells and sounds. It tugs at our emotions. It teases our imaginations. It touches our souls.

Art is magic. And a good artist, like a good magician, uses their talents to bring others joy.

“The things I paint are the things that move me. The people who buy my art, buy it because it moves them,” explains professional artist Cliff Rossberg.

Primarily working in oils, Rossberg has created and sold wildlife and landscape paintings since he was just sixteen. His style falls within the realm of realism but has evolved along with his skills. Early on, he fleshed out every detail—every blade of grass, every feather, every strand of fur—but as he matured in his art, he learned to use the magic of art to his advantage.

“You don’t need to have all that to move the viewer. I’ve learned to use shape and color to trick the eye into seeing more than what’s there,” he explains. “The really good artists can give you more with less.”

For Rossberg, it’s all about capturing the essence of a subject. He loves what he paints, and that translates into phenomenal works of art.

“I get so much satisfaction from these paintings, and I love the creative process,” he says.

He’s honored that his creations bring joy to others as well.

Like many artists, Rossberg is asked to donate his life’s work to charitable causes. So long as the cause is worthy (and they almost always are), Rossberg is happy to give up a piece that he’s poured himself into. On the one hand, it acts as advertising. More importantly, if he can help someone undergoing cancer treatment or in need of a life-saving operation, why not use his artistic gifts to give the greatest gift of all?

“I think you have to be thankful at all times. It may be me who needs help some day. If I can help out, I love to do it. I think it’s great,” he says.

Rossberg’s art gives Rossberg purpose. It entrances viewers. It impacts lives. Even after thirty-some years, he’s never lost his sense of wonder in that. Art has the power to shape our minds and connect our hearts. Some paint, a canvas, and a masterful hand can unite us in a smile, a tear, or a call to action. Art emphasizes our humanity. And perhaps that is the greatest magic of all.

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