The end of 2021 marks a special occasion for Fuddruckers of Great Falls—23 years in business. But it is a bittersweet anniversary, as it also marks the one-year passing of beloved manager Todd Depping.

“From Day One, Todd was there,” says Fuddruckers owner Dan Binstock. “I hired him as a manager before we opened in December 1998. He was my right hand for twenty-two years.”

In those 22 years, Todd helped to develop a fun and friendly work environment. His high energy and warm smile made him well-liked by both customers and staff. Todd’s goal was to ensure that everyone had a great experience at Fuddruckers.

“Any time Fuddruckers needed anything he’d be there,” says his wife, Angie Depping. With a laugh, she adds, “Even if it was date night.”

To Todd, the Fuddruckers team was like family, and he regularly brought his wife and children into the fold. The two oldest Depping children worked alongside him for a time (and, interestingly enough, went on to work with Angie at KFBB-TV).

If the Fuddruckers team was like family, then the Great Falls community was an extension of that. Todd was always eager to support various youth activities, fundraisers, and charities.

“We support whatever we can,” explains Dan. “As a manager, Todd had the authority to make those kinds of decisions.”

As a people person, he loved to help others, not just through donations, but by lending a hand. If there was a going-away party for an airman or a benefit night at the restaurant, Todd would offer to help however he could.

“He was very accommodating,” says Dan. “In many ways, he was the face of Fuddruckers.”

It’s been a year since Todd’s passing, and Dan says customers still mention that they miss him. Employees that knew Todd try to carry on his work ethic and dedication to customer service. The culture that Todd cultivated lives on.

“He loved going to Fuddruckers,” says Angie.

Thanks in part to Todd, Great Falls loves going there too.

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