Americans will always have a fascination with the Wild West. It was a time of fear, excitement, and adventure. Pioneers braved new lands. Indians fought for their heritage. Outlaws were kept at bay with six-shooters and a long rope. The story of the West is one so fascinating that writes itself.

Over time, Hollywood has created and perpetuated myths about the West – sorting historical figures into white hats and black hats and removing most of the frontier’s unpleasantries from view. Still, as inaccurate as these portrayals may be, Hollywood’s romantic view of history has helped hold America’s interest in the Wild West. We have fun watching train robberies, gunfights, and horse chases, and that’s ok. But it’s important that we respect the history that our legends are based on.

At Treasure State Lifestyles, we make history fun. And in this issue, you’ll find that the true history of the Wild West can be as entertaining as any horse opera or shoot-‘em-up you’ll find on television.

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