Garden-Variety Task Force

It’s a war out there. Every day, the enemy steps foot on your soil, armed to the teeth to take what’s yours. No matter how many plants it kills, no matter how many fruits and vegetables it [...]

Going Green

Courtesy of Montana Grain Growers Association Ask Montana grain farmers what the phrase “going green” means, and their first thought will be whether their recently planted fields have been [...]

Oh Deer!

Every fall, thousands of Montanans hunt for deer. Every spring, the tables turn; the deer become the predators, and our vegetables become the prey. To fortify your garden against pests— [...]

Becoming a Master Gardener

By Stacy Bronec The Master Gardener program began in Washington state in 1973 and made its way to Montana in 1974. Since then, the program has been up and running in most counties across Montana. [...]

Beautiful Gardens of Montana

More than half the Treasure State is farmland, but crops aren’t all Montana knows how to grow. Across the state, you can find beautiful gardens and arboretums, several of which contribute to [...]