Beaver Creek Park

Beaver Creek Park is the largest county park in the United States. Set aside by an act of Congress in 1916, this 10,000 acre parcel of land on the north slope of the Bears Paw Mountains was [...]

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake – the perfect weekend getaway. Located in the Big Snowy Mountains of central Montana, Crystal Lake, at an elevation of 5,700 feet, boasts spectacular scenery and miles of hiking, [...]

Fairfield: A Workingman’s Town

Fairfield is an apt name for this country town. Great looking crop land stretches atop the flats overlooking Freezeout Lake. When Gibson Dam was built it ensured the irrigation of over 80,000 [...]

Choteau: The Story of Montana

by J.B. Chandler Choteau the town and Chouteau the county were both named for Pierre Choteau Jr, an early French fur trader who lived in Montana. Choteau (the town) lies between the changing [...]

Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

Although agriculture is a competitive market, it’s conducive to cooperation as well. “We all have the same goal,” says Cassidy Marn. “We want a place to sell product.” Marn grew up on a farm in [...]

Amber Waves

Courtesy of Montana Grain Growers Association Every corner and every area of Montana is beautiful, but each in its own unique way. From the Badlands to the Flathead, from the Hi-Line to [...]


Article and Photos by Kent Hanawalt In the large acreages of the West, branding is a necessary part of cattle management. It is impossible to keep all of the livestock within the fences all of [...]