Alpine Floral

Alpine Floral is much more than a flower shop; it is a full-service greenhouse and nursery, gift store, and landscaping business. They carry a wide variety of plants to choose from, including [...]

Great Northern Hotel

Built at the turn of the century, the Great Northern Hotel is Malta’s only full-service hotel. The rooms are clean and unique, with antiques that fit the area. An underground garage makes parking [...]

Featured Artists

We have the following artists featured in this issue. Please check out their articles in the magazine. Leith DeWeese Pamela Harr Jeff Hoff Steve Lillegard Carmen Luna Todd Mandeville Judy Michael [...]

Montana Fishing:
A Catch-all

Fishing is a surprisingly touchy subject. Like a religion, there are people who assert that their way of fishing is the best and that all other methods are inferior. If you’ve spent enough time [...]

Montana Wildlife

Predators Most of Montana’s wildlife actively avoids humans. That said, humans should actively avoid some of Montana’s wildlife – specifically its predators. The Treasure State acts as a hunting [...]

Zoos and Preserves

Although Montana has an abundance of wildlife, that’s no guarantee that you’ll find the animals you’re looking for. This is why zoos and preserves are so great. These places give wildlife lovers [...]