In 2005 the Judith Gap Wind Energy Center was built along US Highway 191 between Judith Gap and Harlowton. This wind farm, consisting of 90 towers, generates an expected 450,000,000 kilowatt hours annually, which is sold to Northwestern Energy under a long-term contract.

Each of the Energy Center’s towers is 262 feet tall with three 126-foot blades. At their high points, the tips of these blades reach nearly 400 feet above the prairie. The towers support General Electric turbines that begin harvesting energy once wind speeds reach 7.8mph. Turbines run at a maximum capacity of 33.5mph and shut- down once wind speeds reach 56mph or higher.

Plans are in the works to set up visitor kiosks at the Judith Gap Wind Energy Center entrance and in the town of Judith Gap (at the area which is to be officially called Blade Park). In the meantime, visitors can enjoy the splendor of the wind farm as it works to generate clean energy for Montanans all across the state.

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