Going Wild in Glasgow

Visit Glasgow from the west and you’ll be met with a metal menagerie. It’s impossible to miss; a whole hillside of animal sculptures welcomes you to town. Less obvious is the animal attraction at [...]

River’s Edge Trail

By Amy Pearson One of Montana’s most stunning and accessible landscapes sits right along the banks of the Missouri River in Great Falls. In 1989, the River’s Edge Trail was just an idea, but ever [...]

The First Lady of Red Rock Power

By Tim Lee Mary Pyette is one of a kind – a Greek American, born and raised in Gildford, Montana now living in Chinook. She is a Gildford girl. “I am from Gildford, and I am going to shout it!” [...]

Early Conrad History

By Amy Pearson Brothers William and Charles Conrad started their foray in Montana business with a mercantile based out of Fort Benton. They had come west together from Virginia seeking new [...]


By Amy Pearson The charming community of Choteau, Montana has somehow managed to stay relatively quiet. With incredible access to public land for hiking or hunting along the Rocky Mountain Front, [...]

Rodeo’s Greatest Entertainer Retires

By Tim Lee The man, the legend, tips his hat and holds his hands over his chest in the shape of a heart. The end of an era has arrived with the retirement of Flint Rasmussen. Flint was born in [...]

Gibson Hotel

By Amy Pearson The new Gibson Hotel on the corner of 7th Street and Central Ave has been a long time coming. In the fall of 2019, owner Ty Rollins says he was looking for a uniquely shaped hotel [...]

Borrie Would be Proud

By Tim Lee Every community has its “staples” and we at Lifestyles love talking about these places, especially when they reach milestones. Borrie’s Supper Club is one of those staples and [...]

Uff Da Fest

“Uff dah” isn’t in the dictionary, but everybody knows it. It’s the phrase you use when you’re startled half to death. It’s when you melt into bed after a long, hard day. It’s when your favorite [...]

Enjoy the Show

Theater lovers and theatre lovers can all agree: Montana is a great state to take in a show. Enjoy a film, concert, or play at one of these historic locations! The Hi-Line Illuminating Main [...]