Uff Da Fest

“Uff dah” isn’t in the dictionary, but everybody knows it. It’s the phrase you use when you’re startled half to death. It’s when you melt into bed after a long, hard day. It’s when your favorite [...]

Enjoy the Show

Theater lovers and theatre lovers can all agree: Montana is a great state to take in a show. Enjoy a film, concert, or play at one of these historic locations! The Hi-Line Illuminating Main [...]

4th Annual ArtsFest MONTANA

Downtown Great Falls August 12-19 Art is not a luxury; it is vital to a community’s growth. Studies show that the presence of street art (murals, etc.) yields a multitude of benefits, from [...]

The Great Buffalo Hunt

Courtesy of Visit Great Falls and the C.M. Russell Museum For the Plains Indians of Montana, the buffalo was more than a food source; it was sacred. Many since have come to regard the animal as [...]

Art & Art Deco at the Montana ExpoPark

Great Falls has long been known for its Western Art Week each March, a multi-day celebration of art and culture that transforms Charlie Russell’s hometown into one of the world’s most lucrative [...]

An Art Week Under the Summer Sun

For more than fifty years, Western Art Week has drawn artists and art enthusiasts to the city of Great Falls each March. COVID-19 changed that. Like everything else in 2020, plans for Western Art [...]

The Dinosaur Cowboy

By Hayley Young Ranchers and farmers across the Great West spend their time caring for and working their land—the land that feeds their livestock and fills their grain bins each year; the same [...]